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Unravel the possibilities of a life enriched in Mauritius! For those contemplating a journey to this idyllic island and seeking the perfect visa fit, there is a comprehensive list below. Mauritius has evolved its residency and work criteria, presenting diverse options for individuals eager to invest in their personal and professional ventures with an extended stay on this captivating island. Delve into the array of visa options that cater to varying needs, offering clarity for those embarking on their Mauritius adventure.
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Premium Visa

The Occupation Permit (OP) serves as both a work and residence permit, enabling foreign
nationals to both live and work in Mauritius within four distinct categories, namely:

Other Visas

Questions & Answers

How to obtain a business visa for Mauritius?

Obtention of visa is made on arrival at the local airport. It is important to note that a tourist visa cannot be converted into a business visa in Mauritius.

You must possess a letter from the local sponsor or company detailing the purpose of your visit to Mauritius. This letter should include a formal request for a business visa and must be presented to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at the airport.

A maximum of 120 days in a calendar year.

The Premium Visa is valid for a duration extending from six months to one year and can be renewed.

This visa is mandatory for individuals planning to stay in Mauritius for more than 180 days within a calendar year. For stays shorter than 180 days, a tourist visa can be obtained upon arrival in Mauritius.

A foreign national residing in Mauritius under a Premium Visa has the option to apply for an Occupation Permit if they plan to work or invest in Mauritius, or they may apply for a Residence Permit as a retired non-citizen.

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