Premium Visa

About Premium Visa

Discover the beauty of Mauritius with the Premium Travel Visa – a ticket to a year-long escape in our tropical heaven. Whether you are a tourist, a retiree, or a professional working remotely, this visa welcomes you to experience the island’s charm with your family.


Non-citizens have the opportunity to stay in Mauritius for more than six (6) months, up to a maximum of one (1) year, with the possibility of renewal.


To be eligible for the Premium Visa, applicants must provide evidence of their extended stay plans and possess adequate travel and health insurance for the initial duration. Additionally, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

The applicant should refrain from engaging in the Mauritian labour market.

The primary place of business and/or source of income and profits should be situated outside of Mauritius.

Submission of supporting documents, including the purpose of visit, accommodation details, etc.

Fulfilment of other essential immigration requirements.

Curious to unravel the wonders of the Premium Visa? Intrigued by the idea of a year-long retreat on our enchanting island? Eager to dip your toes in the Mauritian lifestyle and consider a more extended stay? The best part—should you fall in love with the experience, there's the seamless option to switch to a residence/occupation permit in Mauritius. Exciting, isn't it? Feeling a bit uncertain? Worry not!

The UNIKCLIK team is ready to untangle the details and answer all your queries. Your Mauritius adventure awaits!

Mode of application

Application for the Premium Visa must be submitted online and the following information/documents are required to be submitted:

  1. Premium Visa Application Form duly filled online
  2. Bio data page of Passport
  3. Passport Size Photo
  4. Copy of airline ticket (including return ticket for intended period of stay – beyond 6 months)
  5. Travel and Health Insurance for intended period of stay
  6. Letter of accommodation for intended period of stay (Hotel booking or rental agreement or Letter of invitation from host, proof of address, copy ID/passport or residence permit of host)
  7. Evidence of funds (Copy recent bank statements for the last three (3) months; Proof of monthly income (employment contract or attestation for monthly revenue, minimum amount of USD 1500 per month for each adult applicant and minimum amount of USD 500 per month for each dependent child)
  8. Dependent:- Spouse – Marriage Certificate (in English or French Language); Children – (a) Birth Certificate (in English or French Language), (b) Letter of consent (when accompanied by one
    parent only)

For applicants applying from abroad, the Premium Visa will be issued for 1 year subject to submission of all required documents. The Premium Visa will remain valid for travel for a period of six (6) months. Day 1 of the 1-year Premium Visa will start upon date of arrival in Mauritius.

For applicants already residing in Mauritius on a tourist visa and applying for a Premium Visa from within Mauritius, the duration of the Premium Visa will be aligned with the validity of health insurance and return ticket (insurance and return ticket should be more than 6 months).


Mauritian-sourced income of a Premium Visa holder (e.g. emoluments for work performed remotely in Mauritius) will be taxed on a remittance basis. That money spent in Mauritius through the use of foreign credit or debit cards will not be deemed to have been remitted to Mauritius.

The holder of a Premium Visa will be liable to pay income tax on money brought and deposited in a bank account in Mauritius. As an additional facility, such bank deposits will not be subject to income tax if a declaration is made to the effect that the required tax has been paid thereon in his country of origin or residence.